Wonder and Awe

Today the dogs and I went down the dock to the water.  It is always worth a look. 

 Right away I noticed turtles up on the rocks.  So hopeful.  They stretch their necks up and out to the sky, basking in their personal light, ready for the promise of the future.  As I got closer to the end of the dock lots of  *bloop* *bloop* *bloop*’s went off in the water.  “Bloop” is what I say when the ripple effect on a small bite, or something that makes those tiny circles reverberate on the surface of the water, occurs.  I’m used to the turtles swiftly descending their rocks back into the refuge of the water when they spy the tall, scary human approaching.  Today, there was more than your average scurry.  *Bloop*

“What WAS that?!” 

The glare on the water was too bright.  I couldn’t see what was biting or escaping into the water.   I had noticed some small black birds twittering about so I turned my attention to them.  Birds don’t typically stick around when I walk down to the dock.  These did.  They were busy with something interesting in the low brush of the swampy area, and flying into some of the nearby trees.  I turned around to look back toward the trees.  A small black bird with bright red shoulders darted across the sky!  OOH!  The red was such a bright contrast to the black that I thought either: 1.this bird was tagged by some bird-agency to track it, 2. shoulder pads are back in style, or 3. this is one cool looking bird!   Ultimately I went with option three (although two was tempting).

Walking over to the end of the dock, about thirty little *bloops* occurred at the EXACT SAME TIME on the surface.  I wasn’t quick enough to see it as it happened and, again, the glare prevented me from seeing what was underneath.  I decided this mystery needed to be solved.  I sat down, patted the dogs, and waited.  And waited.  Nothing happened.  I stood up to leave.  *BLOOOOOOP* A million bloops again!  WOW!  THIS was really amazing!!  But what WAS it?!  I sat down again.  Patted the dogs.  I was hopeful.  I stood up *a million bloops again*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  All at the same time! WOOOOOOOOW!!!!!!  AWESOME.   I FELT SO LUCKY!  Lets face it, its pretty nice of them to do this when I stand up.  This time i spotted a tiny little baby turtle close to one of the bloops.  Awww–TURTLES!  Wow.   I went to get my camera for a recording.  When I came back, they were gone.  In a way, that pleased me.

Now delighted in wonder, I went to visit two things that have delighted me already today.  One is a flower.  Spring errupts so quickly that all of these new creations pop up every day and so quickly.  I can barely keep up but today, I found a beautiful new flower.  They are so rich when they are new.  The other is a nest of four baby Robin birds. I included a pic of them as eggs with one new baby.  Here is a video of the momma Robin who is tweeting away at me to leave her babies be.  I did (right after I finished a little video).   Or maybe you are more in the mood to see ducks taking a snooze. Click this for the adventures of a duck nap.

Every day something new absolutley blows my mind.  I’ve included a few pics from the other day when I saw shapes in the water, an abstract painting in the sky, and some cool reflections.   What do these have to do with me as an artist?  Everything.

Look around. 

What do you see?

If you need permission to let yourself wonder for a few moments, try this:  http://abbeyofthearts.com/blog/2011/05/22/invitation-to-poetry-sources-of-wisdom/   I give you permission.

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