Patient Trust

  Sometimes change happens very slowly.  But, it happens.

The thing that keeps me going with this painting is a feeling of being unsettled.  I don’t like it yet.  Not yet.  I seem to get little bits of ideas for change often.  Still, I know its not there yet.  I just know. 

Sometimes I have to wait for paint to dry and sometimes I just have to wait until I know what to do next.  Sometimes I look at the painting, and sometimes I don’t.  It is always around waiting for its next step.  When one change is made it may prompt another change because everything in the painting reacts differently to the new element.  When I made the stripes yellow, the bright blue shadow started to bug me.  That may be the next change, when I figure out what to do with the blue.  For now, its important to know that it bugs me. 

Being honest and aware of my own reactions is key.   When I honestly become aware that I’m sick of looking at this painting, its time to make it into something I like.  And I trust that I will know what to do.   It helps to practice paying attention to what brings me delight.         Ain’t no thang but a chicken wang.  ; )

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