Fast Forward

Anyone else feeling like life went on fast forward?
Here’s today’s progress. I added some blues and greens in the background. Playing around. Blue helps things to recede, so that helps and green is a great color to play off the colors in the apples (opposite colors placed next to each other make each color stand out). I still like the pale yellow and red stripe combo and been having fun leaving some of the early colors and adding some new ones. Some of the stripe shadows need fixing but its getting exciting. I would like the moment where the three apples meet to be significant. In some paintings, the moment where two figures, or two objects meet is quite something.  I like it especially in Mary Cassatt’s painting “The Child’s Bath.”  The colors and lines where the mom and her child meet up help the two figures to be close, cuddly and not just two figures in close proximity to each other.  Does that make sense?  Go see it (at the Art Institute in Chicago).    The space where the three apples meet up in my painting isn’t quite there yet. 
Until next time…

2 thoughts on “Fast Forward

  1. Kate says:

    Hi Jamie,

    I love your new work! These last pieces really illustrate the sensitive control you have with the medium. Love the orange slice in particular.


    1. jamiedmedeiros says:

      Ooh–“sensitive control”…i like that. Thank you, thank you. I think all that time with watercolors taught me a lot. It usually pans out best when I can be somewhat controlled and somewhat playful/experimental. We shall see what comes next. Thanks for the comment Kate.

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