Anything is Possible


    Today’s progress began with a phone call.  My dear friend Katherine Keltner and I had an impromptu studio visit via Skype.  There is nothing quite like honest words to uplift and enlighten.  During our conversation I remembered a professor (Tim Doud) advising me to “stop trying to make a painting.”  It was a little hint at the fact that  true artwork is the stuff that is close to you, not something you feel like you should do.  I wondered about what i’m working on now and its closeness to me.  I will have to give this some more thought, but, for today, it helped me to loosen up.  If i’m working with a somewhat ambiguous subject right now (three apples), the least I can do is to be loose enough to allow its construction to be from me and not something I think I SHOULD do.

    After I hung up with Katherine, I set up my things to begin painting.  First things first, finding  the 25th Anniversary performance of Les Miserable that was on PBS the other night.  I thought I might search for it on  Before searching too long I went to a link I was curious about.  It’s called Art21 and apparently it focuses on contemporary art and artists all over the world.  Hmm.  *Click*  I watched the first video I found.  It was on the artist William Kentridge and is called “Anything is Possible”.  I like the sound of that.  The beginning of the video explains a bit of Mr.Kentridge’s journey on becoming who he is.  It explains how he thinks and how he works, or plays.  This is a man who doesn’t “try to make a painting”.  Here are some quotes I liked:

“The seriousness of playing, it’s in the loosness of trying different things images, ideas emerge.”- William Kentridge 

“Understanding the world as process rather than as fact.” – William Kentridge

“In between the things I was doing the real work has happened.” – William Kentridge

I highly recommend this video if you are in need of inspiration, or if you’re not (its about an hour but i was inspired within the first five minutes).   If the real work happens in between the things I do, then I suppose i’ll keep on doing so that real work can happen.

    During the video I began working on my painting of three apples.  All of this red is now driving me nuts.  I went and retrieved the DVD of Les Miserable’s 25th Anniversay performance that we just got in the mail.  Listening to a story sometimes helps me to get in a zone.  It is a zone of making that allows me to do whatever comes to mind (or heart).  It worked.  I became so in the zone that I don’t know what to write about my process today other than, I kept looking and seeing too much red.  Then, i’d adjust.  I’d place another color

down and react to it.  That’s all.  Now looking over the photos, I have some ideas for changes already.  But that is for tomorrow. Tomorrow we’ll discover what our God in heaven has in store.  One more dawn.  One more day.  Ooooone daaaaay moooooore.

Until then…

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