And Then There Were Three

Hello Monday.

Luckily at my book club meeting tonight we talked about life’s cycle of birth, death, and resurrection.  Luckily, because when I just finished typing out too many words to be lost, they disappeared with no “undo” button in sight.  Alas.  The book advised not to waste a crisis.  Will try not to.

 Thus, I will be brief.   The day:

Want to paint.

Crave color.

Have blank canvas!

Decide on orange.

We ate all the oranges!

Decide on apple.

Cut apple.

Want to eat apple more than paint apple!

Take a bite out of cut apple.

Retrieve three other, non sliced apples.

Remember vanGogh’s apples (i know, i’ve mentioned these before).

Get excited about reds and greens.

Ready my palette.

Love the shiney colors when they come out of the tube.

Decide to play with Walnut Oil.

Paint away.

A very different texture (thanks to Walnut Oil) makes for new dynamic.

Play with volume of apples, flow of brushstrokes, shadow shapes and colors.

Haven’t decided on background.  Maybe stripes.  Hahahaha.  : )

Maybe I will play with texture.  Although, the thicker texture would grab your attention, and thus should probably be used on the main subject, which I did not do. Or should I play with the “rules”?  So, where does that leave the background.  Hmmm.  Everything on the canvas at this point will be affected by any changes I make–colors, shapes, colors.  I’m certain by the completion of this painting it will have gone through many a birth, death, and resurrection. That’s life.     I will try not to waste a crisis.

Incidentally, if you think these colors are not in real apples and their shadows. . . Look again.  Will all this birth, death, and resurrection going on, its nice to stop and notice their colors.

Until next time…

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