Baby Steps

Things are coming together.   Yesderday was one of those days that I need when patiently working through a painting.  Sometimes things dont come immediately and I have to keep working, and trust, trust, trust that some day, SOME how things will work out.  It is a challenge because I want the answers immediately most of the time.  I KNOW IT WILL BE A SUCCESSFUL PAINTING AND I WANT THAT NOW.  Hmm.  Doesn’t seem to work that way.  I cannot express how often I have discovered that only little bits are revealed to me to do each day.  Little bits.  Little bits one day, little bits the next day, little bits more and more.  Then, some day little bits begin coming together to make sense of the whole picture.  During the middle bit where I am to keep working and hoping, I typically want to throw the painting out, give up and move onto something else, or paint over it.  Someone with a very good heart suggested , “I think you do natural things better, maybe you should give up on the Potato Head.”  ACK!  By this point I had felt enough resurgence of progress to keep going. 

I am so so greatful for weeks like this where , although it may be slow to start, ideas come one after another.  Again, when I start with one idea I often think that its never gonna get anywhere, but then another idea comes.  Anyway, thank God. 

The painting, with its new color-blocks is taking on qualities of Gaugin that suprised me.  I’m not sure how I feel about this, bc I think Gaugin was a pretty creepy guy.  I would much rather stick with color qualities of van Gogh .  Maybe van Gogh is not what my painting wants to be? 

I am so pleased with yesterdays progress that I may not touch Miss Potato Head any more.  Still, I haven’t looked at her yet today.  There could be more problems to fix, little things to adjust, sharpen, carry around, or I could change the whole thing.  We’ll see.  I also like to think about the painting’s presence on a wall.  These colors are really a bit bright and present right now, would that be annoying to live with? Should I care about that?  Should they be toned down?  Or is this almost color-block type look something that I should keep?  Are the plant designs still too overwhelming?  I guess I should look at the painting again to figure it out.  Baby steps.

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