My professor in grad school wisely said that it takes more gas to start a jet than it does to keep it flying.    Thank you Don Kimes.  And Amen.

Today began…well, let’s just say that this jet was parked.  Feeling some self-imposed pressure to get Miss Potato Head looking good, I was reluctant to begin.  But, it’s Monday– a reluctant start is pretty standard.  Knowing I had to begin, and remembering the jet quote, I clung to a small little idea that intrigued me. Baby steps.  The plant design had begun to take on a life of its own the last time I worked on Miss Potato Head, so I went with that. 

My small idea was to cut one of the plant shapes out to move the shape around the canvas. This is where I began. I kept it a flat pink.  I liked the pink a lot and added more.  I altered the direction and position of the shape so as to move the viewers eye around the page.  I updated some of the pinks in Miss Potato Head (ear, nose, tongue) to reflect the pink in the plant design.  Like refrain in music, repetition is important.  I added some other colors that jumped out at me today–a peachy color (which brought out some Potato skin highlights), and some of the blue that is on the shoes.  At some point a deep green came along and Miss Potato Head liked it.  It made her POP.  There remains much strangeness about the space that Miss Potato Head stands in.  It needs to be resolved.  BUT, maybe that’s for a Tuesday.  Monday’s done. 

Hasta luego.

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