Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day. Neither, Apparently, Are Potato Head Paintings.

This weekend I refueled the creative tank with “savor.”  I love that word.  “Middle English, from Anglo-French savur, from Latin sapor, from sapere to taste” –thank you Merriem Webster.  Mine came in the form of a Caprese Salad and glass of wine for lunch, and a tapas dinner–mushroom stuffed artichoke was one of my faves–complete with churros y chocolate for dessert.  YUM. 

When I experience moments of “savor”, it goes beyond eating.  To relish in something, and really take it in, is so fantastic, it can be healing. 

The feeling of relish is exactly the heart of my motivation for painting.  In painting, I attempt to translate the relish I feel (either right from the beginning, or what I learn to feel from studying the subject and its space).   For this reason, when I went back to face Miss Potato Head on Monday, I tried to be less calculating and more full of relish.  I absolutley love this Miss Potato Head and want you to see why.  I believe that, thus far, I have become too calculating  and have lost that fun that I feel from my subject.  Monday, I wanted to paint with mystery.  There are days when I measure, and there are days when I play. 

When I play, I dont think too much about too much, I just add paint where I add it and see what happens.  This is when the magic happens.  This, is when the mystery happens.  IF…a big if…IF I let it.  Have you ever heard artists say that they do what the painting tells them to do?  This is when THAT happens.   I begin. I listen to the painting. I play. I follow.  This was Monday.  I believe I allowed myself to do this in a very tame manor on Monday.   I think I was holding back a bit.  Hopefully I can do more another day.  Today is for more drying.  Also, I got my eyes dialated and really just want to close them for the next few hours (although, we have some really beautiful, yummy oranges that might need to be a painting). 

I enclosed some photos of Monday’s results.  I went a bit nuts with some colors and will probably take it back a notch another day.  I really would like Miss Potato Head to stand out more and she is being overwhelmed right now.  I included a lot of photos, and zoomed in on particular sections to demonstrate how I calculate what needs to be worked on.  All days aren’t perfection, but reflecting and thinking about how to improve is important.  I always say that a person isn’t an artist bc she perfectly lays out a painting, rather she is an artist bc she takes her mistakes and doesnt give up, she presses on.  The results, with all of the layers of mess, can get really interesting.  I like layers.  Welcome to my mess.

One more thing.  I am really nervous about this blog today for a few reasons: 1.You get to see all the mistakes I make  2. Being patient waiting to work on a painting is difficult enough without feeling the need for quick results–which is how this blog is making me feel 3. This blog is proving to me that there is a fine line between being thoughtful, informative, and looney tunes.  And people wonder why I take Sundays (or whole weekends) off.   I am sharing this in hopes that it dissipates the heaviness of my concern.

Well, I hope you relish in something.  I hope you find patience.  I hope you welcome your mess.  Me too.

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