Why I Think The Bottle of Motrin PM Should Be Striped

The goal for today was to add stripes to the surface that Miss Potato Head is standing on.  Stripes are a dangerous beast.  The process of adding stripes to a painting is a bit like being stuck on a level of Angry Birds (bear with me if you don’t know the App).  I sling and sling my birds toward those piggers and cannot eliminate all of the pigs no matter what I do.  But I don’t give up.  The more I play, the more I try different ways to sling the birds onto the pigs.  The longer it takes me to learn the proper way to successfully eliminate my pigs, the more I learn better technique.  I am a better player.  This is why I welcome frustration.

  Knowing stripes can be tricky (but completely worth the pain), the plan was to pencil them in first.  This would assure that I get the positioning just so before painting them in.  Reality went like this:  pencil, erase, pencil, erase, pencil, erase, pencil, erase, pencil, erase, pencil, erase, pencileraseerasereaerreaeerreearearserearseeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaccccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkk!  P.S. Don’t use a soft (really dark) pencil when marking a canvas. UGH.

 I took breaks so that I could come back and have a better take on the perspective.  I took a photo (again, to help see the perspective).  I google-searched paintings with stripes in them.  I reconsidered getting the stripes down by eyeing them and set up a decoy Potato Head on a striped box to precisely eye the stripes. I stared at my decoy and failed to get anything useful.  I had lunch. I went for a walk (almost 60 degrees outside in the middle of February in New England- COME ON!).   I went back to complete erasure and doing stripes by instinct (its as if I see them on the canvas before I put any marks down).  Ultimately it was faulty but if I didn’t start painting I wouldn’t have anything painted in today and I didn’t like that.  I resolved to start painting and fix later. 

I’m pleased about this for three reasons: 1.  More interesting things can happen when adjusting imperfections that wouldn’t have happened otherwise.  2.Over-painting can get some neat effects going and 3. Different textures can be just as important as different colors in a painting.   

That is how I see my snafus turning beneficial.  I was blending colors, making them really super smooth on Miss Potato Head.  I liked this, but I have used a lot more texture in the past.  Why not, with my new found fondness for smooth, add some of the old, built up texture as a contrast.  It will be on the surface where Miss Potato Head is standing.  Next issue, texture must be repeated elsewhere or the painting will be unbalanced.  I think that means that the wallpaper will be textured, but I was thinking, more specifically that the plant design on the wallpaper will be textured.  That could make the plant design have too much volume for flat paper so we’ll see.  Trial and error. 

Other than stripes, I decided to paint in the plant design on the wallpaper.  I was excited to play with the color–fading in the opposite direction than the groundspace.  The color I used ended up giving more volume to the design then I wante.  I will be going back later to tone it down (and play a little push and pull with the groundspace).  But today, I had had enough. 

Adding so much perspective of space with the stripes behind Miss Potato Head makes me feel like she walked up to the edge of something, looked up, and stuck out her tongue.  Ha.  Yes.

I saw a Motrin PM commercial today that sums it all up.  It said, “Sometimes you need tomorrow to finish what you started today” (really not too profound, but i’ll take it).   Today was a day of placing down a slew of elements that will have to be adjusted.  Today is one of those days where I don’t want to post  photos of my progress.  I created a lot of problems in my painting that need to be resolved and photo evidence of that irks me.  They needed to happen, in order to get to the next spot, but they make everything unpleasing and nonsensical.  That is irritating to look at.  My pain is your dishy scoop.  Suddenly I feel like a reality show.   Perhaps I could use some Motrin PM.

P.S. I just noticed that if the wallpaper plant design is that small, the stripes should be much smaller.  I’m going to sleep.

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