Miss Potato Head Continues…

Today’s summary.  Exhaustion, frustration, hesitation, nap, idea, postponement, plan, rejuvenation, diligence, mistake, revelation, diligence, excitement, delight.  Basically I added part of the groundspace to Miss Potato Head.  Went with the plant design that I played with a few weeks back.  All in a days work.  : )  Read on if you’d like the details…

Today began with a great deal of hesitation.  My initial thought was to leave Miss Potato Head and let her dry before proceeding.  This brought on much concern about a new subject.  Too much.  And I was exhausted.  Yesterday I was reminded to slow down a bit.  So, I did what any exhausted, conflicted self-respecting artist would do–I took a nap.  Don’t judge.  It helped. Not a ton, but I wasn’t looking for a ton.  The best part–I had a new idea of what to paint next.  Nope.  I’m not telling.  I decided to postpone it for now (mostly for logistical reasons–like needing another canvas, and I didn’t want to loose momentum on Miss Potato Head).  The nap helped me step back enough from my determination to decide to go back to Miss Potato Head and work on her background instead of letting her dry.  I had an idea.

In a little homage to my creative liason with plant design, I decided to use the plant design from a few weeks back for my background.  VERY excited about this idea.  I thought it looked a bit like a lovely wallpaper (so did dad) and what a better place for my personally designed wallpaper than behind a portrait of Miss Potato Head?  I couldn’t help but think of that delicious wallpaper they have at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston (and i’m not a person who uses the word “delicious”).  What a splendid environment for Miss Potato Head.  Wait to you see what will go on her floor.  But I digress…

Okay, plant design wallpaper idea was all fine and special, but the execution is a whole different beast.  Oof.  I played with the placement.  Flip and flop. I wouldn’t know how it’d really look until I put it on there, but I still wanted to do it right.  Once I decided to jump in, I traced the image on there.  Flipped it and traced again.  And again, and again.  On my first trace I wasn’t sure where my pencil would meet the painted Potato Head.  I went clear over the paint.  At first this concerned me.  NOT part of the plan!  I looked again.  “I like it!”  On a brilliant twist of fate, I’ve decided that I will ultimately play with the pattern continuing onto the Potato Head.  A lofty goal?  Perhaps.  But so much more interesting!!!

Once I got the pattern down, I decided on the gray family for the filler.   The next question was:  would I fill the positive space (the actual plant shapes), or the negative space (the space behind the plant shapes)?  I decided on the negative space.  Sheets of white paper were sitting near me and I picked one up to place behind the actual Miss Potato Head for a clearer view of the intracacies of light on a flat surface.   If the plant pattern will serve as wallpaper, a flat surface is what I need.   This worked well.  The grays were added very delicately around the plant shapes.  I loved, loved, loved mixing grays. I started with ultramarine blue, alizarin crimson, and naples yellow. I then added some cerulean, some magenta, all sorts of fun combos.  There are so many colors in grays and so many possibilities.  I may go back later and make the grays even deeper in spots.  Poor gray.  It always gets the shaft.  Gray is used in so many paintings and never gets as much credit as the other, prettier colors do.  It just sits there, making everyone else look good.  No love.  I am here to say gray–you are a great color.  There.  I said it.

I had fun today. 

Planned ideas and brilliant twists of fate await.  Until tomorrow.

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