Notes To Self

1. When you no longer want to ever be an artist ever again, take a break (and for goodness sake, stop whining). 

2.Your break can simply be a full weekend of doing things you like to do other than art (like watching Pride and Prejudice with that heart-warming Mr.Darcy) .

3. Following aforementioned refreshing weekend, be greatful and soak in all of the goodness of being full of ideas, of being able to see all sorts of colors and love them, of loving your materials and the potential they bring.    It is not yours to control and beat into submission.

4. When using oil paints after a long time, know that you are just as messy as you have always been when using oil paints. 

5. If you cannot find any palette for your oils, the recycle bin can offer sufficient options.

6. The most difficult part about returning to oil paint is getting the caps off the tubes of paint. 

7. Banging the cap of a tube of oil paint onto metal may, in fact, break the cap, thereby rendering the goal of opening said tube much more difficult. 

8. Returning to oils after a long period of painting solely with watercolors is much like learning italian by living in Italy over a period of two years (and you have just taken a summer break after the first year).  When you return to the country after being away, somehow you still know what to do and, for some reason, you know more, have more ideas on how to use your material, and your outfit is all wrong.

9. If you see a blob of paint in a spot that is not on a canvas, nor a palette, remove said blob prior to aforementioned blob lands elsewhere (probably a spot that is even worse for a blob to land than the first). 

10. Before you burn yourself out again, stop at the appropriate time (there is always tomorrow).  Proceed to excercise facility (or maybe after dinner because you are damn hungry).

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