“I Know That I Don’t Know; Tomorrow is Another Day.” –Socrates

Near the studio this morning (aka, dining room) I saw a plant made beautiful by the way the sun was hitting it.   I love the color pink lately and it had that going for it too.  Pretty, pink, lit…gorgeous.  As I sat down I greeted Mrs. Potato Head. 

Today, I was excited to continue more on my plant patterns  (it will help you to look at yesterday’s post if you haven’t).   I’m still pretty suprised that I’m interested in pattern because I’m usually not.  Today that started to make me nervous.  I’m not sure why.  But i’m getting ahead of myself. 

Firstly you must know that I started the day with enthusiasm for the plant goings on.  Being of a very organized temperment this a.m., I started by making methodical marks on the red and green plant design.  This allowed me to jump in right away to work without too much ado.  The white space had been bothering me, so I darkened it.  I made marks with a soft (dark) pencil in multiple directions, hoping for some movement.  I stopped at one point because I was pleased with the shape that appeared.  I had intended to use pencil on the entire background but changed my mind.  Next I turned to the blue plant design and decided it needed to be deeper.  I slowly started adding deeper blues.  I think I could still go deeper.   I dont believe I am done with either of these.  Some days I stop when I don’t know what to do next.  I leave it around until I know what to do next.

  “I know that I don’t know; tomorrow is another day.” –Socrates

By mid-day the pattern–its flatness– started to bug me.  Also, I wanted to play with the same plant sketch, but, this time, without the symmentric element.  I traced the original sketch only once.  Then I filled it in while staring at the actual plant.  I allowed volume to be played with a bit more.  Previously I had thougth there was too much ambiguous white space  at the top of the page.  Now, i’m unsure.  I left it for now.  I then looked back at the original, actual living plant.  It is way happier than my plant.  Hmph.  Well, that is that.

I also played with some trees outside.  They are difficult to ignore.

Today’s goings-on left me a bit bored with my creations.  Perhaps I will play with oils again soon.  It’s funny, now that I look back at those pretty pink flowers that I saw this morning, I wonder– Did I ignore the thing that delighted me?

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