Try not. DO. Or do not. –Yoda



A priest once told me that someone told him that giving a sermon is like setting yourself on fire and letting everyone watch you burn.

That’s kind of how I feel about this blog. 

I am a full-time artist who will document my practice.

Opening up and sharing the process of creation is scary.  Sometimes I feel like hiding.  The discipline can be rough. Sometimes I don’t  know what’s going on.

Sometimes sharing helps stir the mystery into further, deeper, creation. For you, for me, for us.  That.  This.  Is what i’m banking on.

 Will watching the steps of creation help you?  Hearing your ideas and thoughts will help me. I’d like connection.  I work independently but ideas seem to incubate and flourish when shared.  I miss that.

  It could be a bust, but we shall see….shan’t we.  🙂

Oh, and occasionally you will hear about Daisy, Buster, and Potter.  The bijons.


Jamie D. Medeiros

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